what is a prosthetic

A prosthetic is an artificial replacement for teeth and a foreign body in the

 mouth and as a result will never function as a normal tooth. This is why many people prefer a permanent rehabilitation solution in the form of implants, crowns and bridges, despite the high price. At the same time, sometimes the condition of the teeth in a patient's mouth does not allow for permanent restoration in the form of crowns and bridges and therefore a solution of removable dentures is preferred

There are many types of prosthetic whose difference is expressed in the angle of the prosthetic also in length and size.

Each tooth in its place will be composed of a prosthetic

 Need to adjust the right size according to the original tooth

Types of dentures

Conventional complete prosthetic – installed in the mouth after the extraction of all the teeth left in the mouth and after the healing of all the tissues after the extraction. The healing process may take several months to about six months and during this time you will be toothless.

Immediate complete prosthetic –

 Inserted into mouth immediately after extraction of remaining teeth. The main thing about an immediate prosthetic is that you should not be left without teeth, but you should re-upholster it several months after it is inserted into your mouth. This is because the bone that supports the teeth changes shape during the healing process, a change that causes the dentures to loosen.

Partial prosthetic – attached to a frame made of metal that connects to the natural teeth. Crowns are sometimes installed on some of the natural teeth and serve as anchor points for the denture.

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